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文字固态层图标批量生成AE脚本 Aescripts Layer Generator V1.1 + 使用教程LayerGenerators包含3个脚本文件Alphabet.jsxbin,Solidity.jsxbin和VectorIcons.jsxbin,分别可以根据文字层分解生成单个的文字图层,固态图层和大量预设内置的矢量图标图层LayerGenerators is a collection of 3 tools for After Effects to automate the creation of layers.

These tools are particularly useful when a large number of layers is required, and when these layers cannot be obtained by just duplicating an existing layer.

They have been designed during the development of our plug-in Pastiche, when we realized that it would be great to have a tool to quickly generate a bunch of elements to start playing.

They can be used to create text layers, solids (possibly with masks and effects) and vector shapes.

AE脚本怎么安装?拷贝jsxbin文件到Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI PanelsAE脚本不能用?不要用中文版AE,中文版表达式会报错偏好设置,Edit—Preferences—General面板下,勾选上Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network脚本不支持你的AE版本(可能性较小)

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发布日期: 2016-05-03