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人物角色3D模型 AXYZ 3D Humans Collection一共包含10个3D人物角色模型,需要3DS MAX和Vray 3.0渲染器,也包含OBJ格式Collection of the 6 packs and 4 characters Hi resolution Ready-Posed 3D-Human models for Close-Up views.

In order to achieve hi-quality images using 3rd party rendering engines we recommend using the .

TGA Texture Maps included within the product.

The use of the provided Normal Maps is essential for a hi-quality material setup.

Ready for V-Ray 3.

0 and higher.

Materials have been set up for Gamma 2.

2 linear workflow.

人物角色3D模型 AXYZ 3D Humans Collection的图片1

发布日期: 2016-06-03