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Vray渲染器完全破解版+安装步骤 V-Ray 3.40.01 For 3DS Max 2014/2015/2016Vray 3.3渲染速度提高20-50%,更加真实的采样方法,更加人性化的渲染设置,灯光设置等We’ve released another big update to V-Ray for 3ds Max that will render most scenes up to 20-50% faster.

V-Ray 3.

3 for 3ds Max also introduces new variance-based adaptive sampler – a new algorithm that makes renders quicker to setup and removes the need to set subdivisions for lights and materials.

This makes it much easier for users to get high-quality, predictable renders.

破解步骤:点击安装对应版本vray_adv_34001_max2016_x64.exe点击运行对应版本的Black Storm VRay 3.40.01.exe在3dsmax 2016 Root选择3ds max安装目录,在Chaos Group Floder选择Chaos Group目录点击Install完成破解安装由网友流浪猪真可爱提供的图文


Vray渲染器完全破解版+安装步骤 V-Ray 3.40.01 For 3DS Max 2014/2015/2016的图片1

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