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游戏贴图QS进阶教程 Pluralsight – Quixel Suite 2.0 NDO Essentials讲解Quixel Suite 2的NDO材质库游戏贴图材质制作教程,给材质赋予ID方便修改展UV等步骤this course, Quixel Suite 2.

0, NDO Essentials is the perfect course for you to master all the techniques you’ll need! First, you will discover NDO’s UI in detail as well as how you can export your low-poly model from any 3D application to NDO for creating normal details directly on your 3D model.

Next, you will learn in-depth techniques for creating various types of normal details such as wires, gauges, buttons, and extrusions for your models while performing steps practically on a low-poly 3D generator model.

Finally, you will learn how to create selection IDs for texturing and quickly texture and render your model for presentation.

By the end of this course, you’ll know all the techniques and have the knowledge to enable you to create any type of normal map for your models.

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发布日期: 2016-06-27