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ZBrush游戏物品风格化雕刻教程 Lynda – ZBrush Stylized Sculpting深度讲解Zbrush雕刻教程,利用笔刷工具来雕刻风格化图案,包含所有的贴图,笔刷,参考等工程文件If you are new to ZBrush and looking for practice, look no further.

Explore these interesting and easy sculpting techniques for ZBrush designed specifically for beginning and intermediate users.

Artist Michael Ingrassia covers many of the basics that can often be confusing when first learning ZBrush’s unique interface.

He also shows how to “think traditional” and translate analog sculpting techniques to ZBrush tools.

Along the way, he demos his favorite brushes and introduces techniques for masking, creating alpha maps, moving and duplicating geometry, and stamping shapes and textures.

Each technique is showcased in a fun and multifaceted project that takes full advantage of ZBrush’s powerful features, and the materials, brushes, and concept art are all included with the exercise files.

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发布日期: 2016-06-27