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影视后期跟踪合成软件 SilhouetteFX v6.0.15 Win破解版SilhouetteFX可以通过遮罩、抠像等操作来填补画面的细节或修补画面的穿帮部分,它的整个工作流程也非常完整,包括绘制、校准、抠像、扭曲、变形、2D/3D转换等。


Invaluable in post-production, Silhouette continues to bring best of class tools to the visual effects industry.

As a fully featured GPU accelerated compositing system, its standout features are award winning rotoscoping and non-destructive paint as well as keying, matting, warping, morphing, and a total of 138 different nodes–all stereo enabled.

影视后期跟踪合成软件 SilhouetteFX v6.0.15 Win破解版的图片1

发布日期: 2016-12-02