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Mac达芬奇中文版/英文版完美破解版 DaVinci Resolve Studio 12.5.4 + EASYDCPDaVinci Resolve  Studio 12 正式版版,提供专业剪辑、多机位、音频插件、3D Keyer、3D跟踪器等功能系统要求:Mac OS X 10.10.5或者更高版本12.5新功能特性:DaVinci Resolve 12.

5 is a massive update with over 1,000 enhancements and 250 new features that give editors and colorists dozens of new editing and trimming tools, incredible new media management and organization functions, new retiming effects, enhanced keyframe controls, on-screen text editing, new ResolveFX plug-ins and much more! The re-designed node editor is easier and more intuitive to use, there are new HDR grading tools, vastly improved noise reduction, lens distortion correction, and a completely redesigned Deliver page for outputting projects.

软件语言切换:菜单——DaVinci Resolve——偏好设置——系统概述——语言教程

Mac达芬奇中文版/英文版完美破解版 DaVinci Resolve Studio 12.5.4 + EASYDCP的图片1

发布日期: 2016-12-17