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苹果笔记本3D模型 12″ Apple MacBook 2016包含3ds (multi format), .blend (blender), .fbx (multi format), .obj (multi format)格式,包含贴图和笔记本的绑定控制等The 12” MacBook was based off the original Apple MacBook released in 2015, and refreshed in 2016.

The model is photorealistic with PBR shaders and top quality hi-res textures.

We have had an add-on specially made to go hand-in-hand with the 12” MacBook to control all of the features in an easy to use panel.

Model:Realistic modellingPBR materialsHigh quality texturesLow-Poly (24,086 Tris & 14,126 Verts)Great for distant & close up rendersAll textures in .png or .jpgMacBook Controller (add-on):Add/remove as many MacBooks as you likeSelect the color (Silver/Gold/Space Grey/Rose Gold)Toggle the Menubar & DockToggle screen glare/reflectionScreen brightnessScreen rotationScreen wallpaperScreen icons (brightness/backlit keys/volume)Caps lock indicatoriSight camera indicatorBacklit keys brightnessDirt, dust and smudgesFull documentation in a .pdf format

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发布日期: 2017-01-13