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SideFX Houdini FX v15.5.717 Win/Mac 注册机破解版Houdini 15增强了着色器工具, 群体动画模拟,和 Houdini 2.0的引擎,同时建模,渲染和动画工具都有显著的改善增强Just nine months after artists first got their hands on Houdini 14, Side Effects Software has announced the release of Houdini 15 with onion skinning, new shader building tools, crowd ragdolls and Houdini Engine 2.


This new version enhances modeling, rendering and animation tools to meet the needs of generalists, animators, lighters, and game makers while the VFX tools become faster, more scalable and more efficient at handling big data.

Win安装破解步骤:安装软件在键盘上按“WIN+R”快捷键,打开运行界面,输入“services.msc”指令,按“确定”进入“服务”界面,找到HoudiniLicenseServer,右键停止拷贝破解替换文件夹中的sesinted.exe 到c:\windows\system32,覆盖替换进入“服务”界面,找到HoudiniLicenseServer,右键启动从开始菜单里找到houdini目录下的License Administrator找到Server host & Server Code运行注册机houdini15_0keygen.exe,将Server host & Server Code填入注册机相应位置 点最下面的生成按钮生成注册码会到License Administrator选择手动输入密钥粘贴5个密钥#1密钥应该为SERVER your_server_name server_codeMac安装破解步骤:参考版本下载Mac版本下载

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发布日期: 2017-01-18