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灰猩猩GSG C4D饮料罐产品级别渲染教程 Greyscalegorilla – Product Visualization – Beverage Cans22G大小,超过10个小时的视频教程,讲解在C4D中制作产品级别场景渲染步骤,包括场景灯光、模型贴图材质、Redhift渲染器和X-Particles的使用等In this course, Chad shows us a step-by-step method for creating a highly photorealistic render of a beer can using Redshift and X-Particles (for an impressive condensation look) – as well as lighting, texturing, using takes for versioning, and how he handles the client side and final deliveries.

发布日期: 2020-7-26