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The 12 principles of animation popularized by Disney are no longer sufficient for teaching animation in the digital age.

Enter Dermot O’ Connor’s 21 foundations of animation: universal principles that can be used to create high-quality animation in any style or medium, including hand-drawn and digital animation.

Explore how to create a solid, strong, and dynamic poses using the classical drawing rules perfected by golden age artists.

Discover how to plan a scene using thumbnails, to have more control over the scene and reduce production time.

Find out how to take a pose or expression that is adequate, and push it further.

Dermot provides an in-depth review of the other 18 techniques, and then shows all 21 foundations in a single scene, working together.

Topics include:AppealStrong designStaging a sceneActing and pantomimeKeys and breakdownsStraight ahead and pose to poseThumbnails and planningTiming, spacing, and easingSquash and stretchArcsPrimary and secondary actionSilhouetteLines of action and reversalsAnticipation, overshoot, and settleOpposing actionCounterposeLeading actionBreaking jointsOverlap and follow-throughAccents and dialogExaggeration

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