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核心增强: 关键部分的引擎被重写, 结果是带来了众多梦幻般的提升,使图像的渲染品质达到了一个新级别. 内存处理有很大的增强.该版本比1.1占用更少的内存,使渲染相同品质更高分辨率成为可能(例如渲染8000 x 6000像素,内存占用在2GB以内). 核心和内存的增强,可以处理更多的集合体,还有使用高分辨率贴图. 另外, MXI文件可以随时被重渲染/再继续,MXI文件尺寸也缩小了 4倍.

版本支持:3ds Max,Archicad,CINEMA 4D,formZ,LightWave,Maya,Rhinoceros,SketchUp,SolidWorks,XSI!

Maxwell Studio和Maxwell材质编辑器也被重写,增强了可用性和工作流程.

32 bits图像输出: 目前可以直接在Maxwell Render内部输出HDR.

网络: Maxwell Render的网络选项增强,尤其在稳定性和速度方面,并且每个节点的渲染都可预览.

NextLimit Maxwell Render 2.7.10 with Plugins | 886.6 mb

Maxwell Render is a rendering engine based on the mathematical equations governing light transport, meaning that all elements, such as emitters, materials and cameras, are derived from physically accurate models.

Maxwell Render is unbiased, so no tricks are used to calculate the lighting solution in every pixel of a scene; the result will always be a correct solution, as it would be in the real world. Maxwell Render can fully capture all light interactions between all elements in a scene, and all lighting calculations are performed using spectral information and high dynamic range data.

Due to its very nature, Maxwell Render enables users to create accurate and extremely realistic images. Maxwell Render is a recognized standard in architectural visualization, product design, jewelry, film production, scientific research and other high-end rendering markets, and the leader in render quality.

Maxwell Render is a rendering engine that accepts models and scenes created in 3D or CAD applications. Several of these applications are directly supported through a Maxwell Render plug-in; others can be used in conjunction with Maxwell Render by importing the geometry into Maxwell Studio, a component of the software.

What's new in 2.7

- Grass generator which allows you to quickly create grass on a selected piece of geometry

- MXI/MXS compression: File sizes 4x smaller with the new compression system for MXI files, especially when using additional render channels

- A new 3d vectorial displacement type for RealFlow displacement

About Next Limit Technologies

Next Limit was founded in 1998 and our corporate headquarters are in Madrid, Spain. We lead an ever growing team of the best professionals in the industry, including remote technical staff spanning Europe and the USA, as well as a client support office in Santa Monica, California.

Next Limit has gained a worldwide reputation for the quality and power of our software simulation tools. Our state-of-the-art simulation packages have been widely acclaimed and awarded. Our products include "RealFlow" (fluid and dynamics simulation for 3D visual effects), "Maxwell Render" (physically accurate light simulation and render engine) and "XFlow" (CFD software for engineering and scientific applications). All our products have been developed using proprietary technology and are available for multiple platforms and can connect seamlessly with most major applications in the DCC and CAD/CAE markets.

Name: NextLimit Maxwell Render

Version: 2.7.10 with Plugins


Interface: english

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven

Size: 886.6 mb

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发布日期: 2012-7-30