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本合辑是由Rampant机构出品的2K3K实用高清实拍视频素材合辑,Rampant Ultimate Design Elements Sampler Pack,大小:2 GB,格式:MOV AEP,包含火焰,云,烟雾,油墨,天空,箭头,油漆,水彩,噪波,以及一个AE模板和两个使用教程。

Rampant Ultimate Design Elements Sampler Pack

The Rampant Ultimate Design Elements Sample Pack offers over 2GB of design elements from our various volumes including 3K Fire, Cloud Chambers, Smoke and Fog, Ink, Skies, Arrows, Paint, Watercolors, Grunge and more. PLUS an Adobe After Effects design template and TWO tutorials.

3K Fire

3K Cloud Chambers

3K Arrows

2K Ink

After Effects Templates

Bokeh Textures

Brick Textures

Film Elements

HD Fire

Nature Footage

Grunge Elements


Smoke and Fog

Tea Stain Textures

Watercolor Textures

Wood Textures


发布日期: 2013-10-17