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本视频素材是由motionVFX机构出品的2K高清火焰视频素材合辑,MotionVFX mFire,大小:8.87 GB,MP4高清格式,分辨率:2048 x 1152,29.970 fps,共包含126个高清火焰视频,视频制作必备视频素材,适用于各种非编剪辑软件。

MotionVFX mFire

mFire is a collection of 150 professional, high quality, organic, 2K fire elements designed to be used within any compositing or non-linear editing software supporting blend or compositing mode (such as Final Cut Pro X, Apple Motion, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Nuke, Smoke, etc.).

To use mFire in your production, just drag the file onto your timeline, choose the suitable blending or compositing mode and you are done. Make sure you place the clip on a new layer above your current footage.


发布日期: 2014-2-24