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本AE模板是由Videohive机构出品的300实用图标动画AE模板,Videohive 300 Animated Icons 5586340,大小:300 MB,格式:AEP,分辨率:1920x1080,使用软件版本:After Effects CS5 - CC 2014。

Videohive 300 Animated Icons 5586340

The Animated Icons project is a consistent set of flat icons designed to give life to any project it is added to. The design was guided by perfectionism and precision for maximum user satisfaction.

Each icon has its own custom build up animation and then it loops infinitely. Simply drag & drop the chosen icons into your project, set your colors and (optional) shadow by a few clicks and you are done! There is a general color scheme applied to all icons, but you can make exceptions and set specific colors for each icon. All icons include sound effects.

- the AE file (3 versions: CS5, CS5.5, CS6 – the project is compatible with later versions as well, e.g. CC 2014);

- logical and straightforward PDF tutorial with clear sections;

- a folder with the audio files.

The icons are grouped into five categories: 1. General, 2. Health / Food / Sport, 3. Internet / Technology, 4. Corporate and 5. Social. A few examples included are Map, Atom, Earth, Key, Bicycle, Rocket, Vector Design, School Bag, Ambulance, Brain Activity, Microscope / Details, Apple, Yoga / Meditation, Tablet, Responsive Devices, Cloud Computing, Database, Server Park, Webcam, Headset, Businessman, Team, Boss, Network, Certificate, Strategy, Resume, Performance, Percentage, Business Card, Handsake, Currency, Award, SEO, Digital Security and a lot more.


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300实用图标动画AE模板 Videohive 300 Animated Icons 5586340的图片2

发布日期: 2015-3-29