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Easy and Quickly Tips and Tricks about Adobe Photoshop that will take your skill to the next level.What Will I Learn?You will get very useful Tips and Tricks about Adobe Photoshop that will help you to take your skill to the next level.RequirementsYou shold have basic knowledge about PhotoshopDescription“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”Bill Gates.This lazy person is absolutely me, and this is why I made this course. To help you finish any hard job with an easy and quickly way!My name is Youssef Zidan. Graphic Designer and Photographer and I will be your instructor throughout this course.Why you should take this course?Through my experience, I believe that if you want to go from point A to point B you can use the regular way, or you can use a shortcut to save time and effort.And that is the core of this course.In this course I will teach you some hidden and amazing features and options inside Photoshop that may not everybody knows about it.Beside that I will give you some Tips and Tricks that I use to make amazing layouts quickly and in very easy way.In order to do that you need to know more about Photoshop, and in this course you will.I appreciate time very much, So even this course itself will take less time and effort from you to finish it, Because I made each lecture straight to the point which made it as short as possible.The amazing part about this course is it will be updatable which means I will keep uploading new lectures if needed to keep you up-to-date with the new Photoshop Tips and Tricks.Another amazing thing that you have ZERO RISK! Why? Because you will have 30-Day-Money-Back if you dislike this course.I’ll be using Photoshop CC 2017 in this course, So you might find some changes if you are using an earlier version.Who is the target audience?Graphic DesignersPhotographersArtists


发布日期: 2018-5-2