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本教程是关于Adobe InDesign CC 2018高级技能训练视频教程,时长:7小时,大小:1.7 GB,MP4高清视频格式,附工程源文件,教程使用软件:InDesign CC 2018,作者:Daniel Walter Scott, Instructor HQ,共23个章节,语言:英语。

InDesign软件是一个定位于专业排版领域的设计软件, 是面向公司专业出版方案的新平台。




This advanced InDesign tutorial course is for current users who want to become amazing in Adobe InDesign CC.What Will I Learn?70 lectures 5+ hours of well structured contentCreate PDF FormsMaster Long DocumentsAdvanced FontsMaster StylesShortcut SheetCreate Charts & InfographicsCreate Interactive DocumentsWorkflow TacticsShortcuts & Speed TipsAdvanced Creative Cloud FeaturesTips for working with Photoshop & IllustratorUsing ScriptsExporting, Prepress & Printing tricksYou will get the finished files so you never fall behindDownloadable exercise files & cheat sheetForum support from me and the rest of the BYOL crewTechniques used by professional graphic designersProfessional workflows and shortcutsA wealth of other resources and websites to help your accelerate your careerRequirementsYou will need a copy of Adobe InDesign 2018 or above. But you find that 95% of all the features in this course will work with earlier version of InDesign (e.g. CS6). A free trial can be downloaded from Adobe.DescriptionHi there, my name is Dan. I am an Adobe Certified Instructor and an Adobe Certified Expert for InDesign and I work as a professional graphic designer. This course is about advanced features, productivity & workflow speed tricks using Adobe InDesign.This course is not for people brand new to InDesign. It’s for people who already know and understand the fundamentals.If you are already happy adding text & images to InDesign documents then this course is for you. Even if you consider yourself a heavy user, I promise there will be things in here that will blow your InDesign mind.You’ll learn advanced font tricks using Typekit & Opentype fonts, font grouping & font pairing. Mastering colour features like the colour theme tool and colour modes as well as professional proofing for colours for print. We’ll set permanent defaults for fonts, colours & will learn how to turn hyphenation off for good, once and for all.What would an advanced InDesign course be without all the tactics to fully control paragraphs, auto expanding boxes, spanning & splitting columns. You’ll become a Styles master, using nested styles, grep styles, next styles & advanced object styles.We’ll make beautiful charts & graphs for your InDesign documents. You’ll learn the pros & cons of various digital distribution methods including Interactive PDF’s, EPUBs & the amazing Publish Online.You’ll become a master of long, text heavy documents, autoflowing, primary text frames & smart text reflow, cross referencing, indexes, text variables & the InDesign book feature. There is entire section dedicated to how to speed up your personal workflow & how to speed up InDesign and get it running super fast.We look at interactive forms & scripts. There is just so much we cover and I want to share everything here in the intro but I can’t. Have a look through the video list, there is an amazing amount we cover here in the course.If you’re one of those people using InDesign and you know there is probably a better way, a faster way to work then this is your course.- Daniel Walter ScottWho is the target audience?This course is for people who already know InDesign and want to take their skills and speed to the maximum level.This is an advanced InDesign course, so you’ll need basic InDesign skills to find this course useful.This course is perfect for anyone that already knows how to insert images & add text.If you a completely new to InDesign try my InDesign Essentials course before starting this one.This course is perfect for anyone that has completed my InDesign Essentials course.

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