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本视频教程是关于PR与AE视频编辑动态链接工作流程视频教程,时长:1小时,大小:250 MB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Premiere Pro,AE,作者:Louay Zambarakji,共5个章节,语言:英语。

Premiere 一款常用的视频编辑软件,由Adobe公司推出。




利用内容感应面部追踪技术,再加上缩放、平移等过渡特效,以及“智能音乐”(SmartSound),Premiere Elements 10可以轻松把照片集转换成有声有色的短片。


如果你正在使用64位版本的Windows 7,软件性能也会得到明显的增强。

After Effects是Adobe公司推出的一款图形视频处理软件,适用于从事设计和视频特技的机构,包括电视台、动画制作公司、个人后期制作工作室以及多媒体工作室。

而在新兴的用户群,如网页设计师和图形设计师中,也开始有越来越多的人在使用After Effects。


AE全称After Effect是adobe公司开发的一个视频剪辑及设计软件。

After Effects ,用于高端视频特效系统的专业特效合成软件,隶属美国Adobe公司。

它借鉴了许多优秀软件的的成功之处,将视频特效合成上升到了新的高度:Photoshop中层的引入 ,使AE可以对多层的合成图像进行控制,制作出天衣无缝的合成效果; 关键帧、路径的引入,使我们对控制高级的二维动画游刃有余;高效的视频处理系统,确保了高质量视频的输出;令人眼花缭乱的特技系统使AE能实现使用者的一切创意;AE同样保留有Adobe优秀的软件相互兼容性。

Learn the Dynamic Link Video Editing techniques within the Adobe CC Suite for Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CCWhat Will I Learn?How to organize your files to get the best of Dynamic Links and keep everything in checkHow does Dynamic Link works in Premiere Pro and After EffectsHow to create Dynamically Linked After Effects Composition from within Premiere ProHow to Dynamically Import After Effects Composition from within Premiere ProHow to Replace Sequence Clips with an After Effects CompositionHow to Import Dynamically Linked Sequences in After EffectsHow to Create Dynamically Linked Sequences in After EffectsHow to use the Render and Replace in Premiere Pro and create Encoding PresetsHow to create After Effects Video with a link to the original Project and CompositionRequirementsUltimately, you should have Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 & After Effects CC 2017 installed to thoroughly follow along and practice while you are learning.Prior versions of Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC is very fine. The same concepts and methods will apply.At minimum Beginner’s knowledge in Premiere Pro and After Effects CC is important.Split Screen for Premiere Pro and After Effects is used in this course. Use normal size (or bigger) screen. Avoid Watching on your Tablet or Phone.DescriptionWelcome to “Video Editing: Premiere Pro & After Effects Dynamic Linking”.My Name is Louay, I am the author of the bestselling, highest Rated After Effects Complete Course and recently, I have published the “Fast Track to Video Editing in Premiere Pro” course.You might be familiar with Premiere Pro and After Effects (Beginner, Novice or Intermediate) and you want to gain expert knowledge in the workflow of Dynamic Linking between these two applications. This is what this course is all about.What is Dynamic linking:It is a way for Premiere Pro and After Effects to communicate with each other in such a way that the two applications can share the same media and can help avoid intermediate renders. By using Dynamic Link, you can have live previews of any changes you do in one or the other apps. You will never do this the intermediate render and import.You can use Dynamic Link from Premiere Pro to After Effects and from After Effects to Premiere Pro. It is not the same and each has its own use.Dynamic Linking is a must if you are really into becoming a top Video Editor using the CC suit. Provided you learn the right way to establish the right links and the purpose the links, Dynamic Linking is easy to use for beginners and Intermediate users.In this course, you will dive in for an in-depth Dynamical Link learning experience. You will focus on the extremely powerful relationship between Premiere Pro and After Effects.Divided in three main topics to give the best approach to Dynamic Linking:How to create Dynamic Links from within Premiere into After Effects.


发布日期: 2018-6-13