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本视频教程是关于Affinity Photo卡通孙悟空形象绘画实例训练视频教程,时长:2小时,大小:1.5 GB,使用软件:Affinity Photo,MP4高清视频格式,附源文件,作者:Andrey Bzhitskikh,共11个章节,语言:英语。

Affinity Photo 是一款由英国公司 Serif 开发的专业级修图软件,曾发布矢量插画工具 Affinity Designer,受到业界一致好评,这一次的发布甚至挑战了 Adobe 家的经典之作 PhotoShop,相比 PS,Affinity 充分利用了现今的 Mac OS X 的技术,并且还支持视网膜和多显示器设置窗口以及 iCloud 驱动器。

Affinity Photo - is it just a tool for photo processing? No, no and one more time no!Look at this scientist, want to know how to paint the same or better one?In this class, we will paint a character using only Affinity Photo and nothing more. I have attached all the sketches and brushes that I will be working on for the lessons, so you will not have any difficulties with this. But if you want to use your own sketch - I'll be only happy!The set of used brushes includes several of the DAUB Blenders free pack (you can download it on the official site). Also in the bonus lecture you will find an excellent promo offer for paid brushes for Affinity Photo and Designer from Paolo Limoncelli!During the course, you will learn how to:Use Affinity Photo tools effectivelyCreate volume in 2D drawingCorrectly apply layer modes for drawing shadows and lightPaint a cool illustration from a sketch, to the completed workThis class will not require you to have serious painting skills, and it will suit both beginners and experienced illustrators who want to learn new techniques of working with Affinity Photo.And of course, I will always help you with advice and answer your questions if you do not understand something!What are the requirements?You will need Affinity Photo and the initial skills of working in a graphics software.A character sketch is optional, you can use one of my.What am I going to get from this course?Learn how to use Affinity Photo for painting.What is the target audience?Beginners and advanced artists who want to explore the possibility of painting in Affinity Photo.

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