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本教程是关于Illustrator高效协作设计技术训练视频教程,时长:1小时17分,大小:260 MB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:IllustratorCC,作者:Tony Harmer,共6章节,语言:英语。

Adobe Illustrator是一种应用于出版、多媒体和在线图像的工业标准矢量插画的软件,作为一款非常好的图片处理工具,Adobe Illustrator广泛应用于印刷出版、专业插画、多媒体图像处理和互联网页面的制作等,也可以为线稿提供较高的精度和控制,适合生产任何小型设计到大型的复杂项目。

Many companies are bringing design in-house for greater creative control and cost efficiency. However, you may find the role of an in-house designer is very different from that of a freelancer. There is a stronger emphasis on templates and styles, consistent file output, and shared workflows. This course helps designers transition their Illustrator skills to in-house design work, with a focus on efficiency, compatibility, and collaboration. Designer and creative consultant Tony Harmer shows how to produce graphics for print and digital display; work more effectively with Illustrator artboards, symbols, and layers; and prepare files for print production. Plus, learn about some useful Illustrator scripts and plugins to save you time on common design tasks, including sketching, halftone shading, and isometry.Watch Tony's companion course, Photoshop for the In-House Designer, to learn time-saving techniques using Photoshop templates, presets, brushes, and more.Topics include:Producing print and digital graphicsUsing artboards, layers, and librariesFile output formatsUsing Asset ExportCreating symbols and librariesSVG interactivityPrint productionUsing Illustrator plugins


发布日期: 2018-6-27