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本教程是关于GameMaker Studio 2利用游戏资源制作故事游戏视频教程,1小时13分,大小:300 MB,附源文件,教程使用软件:GameMaker Studio 2,作者:Gurpreet Singh Matharoo,共27个章节,语言:英语。

Welcome! This course is about creating a platformer in GameMaker Studio 2, using GameMaker Language (GML) coding.It covers many topics, from platforming with tile collisions and finite state machines to data structures and surfaces. Using the skills learned in this course, you can build a complete platformer with your own story!Not only that, but the knowledge you gain through my lectures will benefit you in making any kind of game, no matter the genre!GameMaker Studio 2GameMaker Studio 2 is an amazing 2D game engine, made by YoYo Games. It is easy and effective to start with, and great to work with bigger & advanced projects.About MeI have been with GameMaker for a long time, and I love making games. But more than that, I love teaching others how to do so. I have been an instructor on Udemy for 2 years. I also have a website (GameDev Palace) and a YouTube channel (GameMakerStation). My courses have a 4.5+ star rating.BonusWith this course, you also get a free link to my pop-up textbox asset, which is a paid asset on the GameMaker Marketplace. In the course, I also show you how to use it. It can prove very useful while making games!So, check out the trailer and the preview lectures to see if this course is for you.See you in the course!

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发布日期: 2018-7-10