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本合集是关于21组高精度时尚沙发桌椅3D模型合集 CGAxis第106期,大小:1.2 GB,格式:max,c4d,fbx,jpg等,包含21组高精度时尚沙发桌椅3D模型与贴图文件,供广大设计师学习使用。

CGAxis出品3D模型第1-90期大合集部分预览图:Furniture 3D Models Collection Volume 106 by CGAxis is a set of 21 models of stylish salon furniture. Among them you will find armchairs, sofas and tables that will help you improve the interior design you are working on. Among these furniture 3d models you will find both sofas, leather armchairs as well as tables and coffee tables.SpecificationCGAxis出品3D模型第1-90期大合集

21组高精度时尚沙发桌椅3D模型合集 CGAxis第106期的图片1
21组高精度时尚沙发桌椅3D模型合集 CGAxis第106期的图片2
21组高精度时尚沙发桌椅3D模型合集 CGAxis第106期的图片3

发布日期: 2019-8-5